Revamp MT is a vibrant performance arts production company established in 2019 by artists, musicians and producers Dorothy Bezzina and Edward Mifsud. 

Engaging through excellence


We are committed to producing wide-ranging performances of the highest production value. These include, but are not limited to theatre, dance, concerts, musicals, or hybrid presentations. We are passionate about the arts, we are detail and research-oriented, and strive to consistently deliver works of excellent quality to a diverse audience.


We achieve this through the venues we select, the stories we choose to tell, the people we employ to deliver them and the audience we engage to experience them. We collaborate with an extensive network of creative professionals including actors, musicians, artists, directors, writers, stagehands, and supporters of the arts to increase the overall experience. Through our casting policy we seek to enlist the best talents, empower young, gifted individuals and support the careers of recently trained artists. We are also passionate about creating new works, music, or arrangements, and both creative learning and skills development are an integral part of our mission. Driven by the belief that the performance arts challenge our ways of thinking and urge us to reflect on our role in society, we offer the flexibility to organise outreach and education programmes within different sectors in our community.  


We believe the arts should be for everyone, irrespective of their background, social or economic circumstances, and we are committed to making them accessible to all. They can be a vehicle for change and help us to deepen our understanding of the world. We work to harness the power of music and language: to promote diversity, to engender respect, to foster collaboration, to catalyse new forms of appreciation, and to empower our communities to share their voices. Last, but not least, we believe artists are professionals who deserve fair pay based on industry-recognised rates.